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Binswanger History

Binswanger Company Background

Binswanger was founded in 1931 by Frank G. Binswanger, Sr during the Great Depression, and his energy and vision have characterized the company throughout its history. By anticipating trends and seizing opportunities, Binswanger has grown from a single Philadelphia office to an international real estate leader with 160 offices and 5,200 staff worldwide.

In 1990, the company reorganized its range of services under two operating divisions: Binswanger Advisory Group, which provides real estate consulting services, and Binswanger Realty Group, which provides brokerage services. One of Binswanger’s unique characteristics is the integration of these groups to form cross-functional teams for specific client projects.

Throughout the 1990s, Binswanger embarked on a major international expansion program, realizing that multinational corporations and institutions needed a real estate service provider with a truly global presence. Forging solid partnerships around the globe, Binswanger established local coverage in the United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Continuing this trend into the 21st century, Binswanger is steadily penetrating new markets and strategically enhancing existing market coverage with new alliances and office locations. Most recently, Binswanger established a presence in several major international metropolitan areas including Warsaw, San Juan and Taipei.

Today’s global business environment has created a movement among major corporations toward the outsourcing of real estate functions and the formation of strategic alliances between corporations and service providers. As forerunner in this movement, Binswanger serves such clients as Motorola, Shell, Intel, ExxonMobil, Nextel, Crown Cork & Seal, Hoechst, Comcast and Wal-Mart.