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Brooker Group History

The Brooker Group Public Company Background

The Brooker Group was founded in 1994 through the merger of two independent Thai research and consulting firms established in the 1980s. On 17 September 2001, The Brooker Group became the first company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Market for Alternative Investment (MAI). The Brooker Group has a substantial network of clients in property development, heavy industry, and industrial estates, and include local and multinational companies and financial sector institutions from the United States, Western Europe, Australia, Japan and Thailand.

The Brooker Group is a boutique, specialist advisory company comprised of highly qualified local and foreign professionals in the Accounting, Financial, Business Management, Market Research, Investor Relations, Stock Market Analysis and Valuation fields.

The Brooker Group is Thailand’s leading independent industrial market research company, and our business consultants have completed over 800 multi-sector projects in Southeast Asia for local and multination companies, financial institutions and government agencies.