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Feasibility Studies

When it comes to market feasibility analysis and consulting, Binswanger Brooker (Thailand) (BBT) provides clients with the necessary tools to assess the types of market information and costs their project requires, given the particular development program and capital markets.

Market feasibility consultants are playing a more important role in today’s capital markets, and BBT has the project experience that institutional investors expect. Having completed hundreds of market feasibility assignments, the firm brings vast expertise to every project, and can also manage all feasibility consulting and financing (equity syndications) required for a successful project in a very cost-efficient and timely manner.

BBT believes the winning path to obtaining capital today is by creating opportunities that reflect the realities of the market the client proposes to serve. Everything flows from the market feasibility analysis, so the quality of the end product reflects the overall success of the entire endeavor.

BBT’s approach includes a review and investigation of key primary marketing area elements:

  • Develop a demographic profile of the primary end-user
  • Develop and modify a demand model predicated on available demographic information
  • Apply common sense statistical models to create a picture of the current and future marketing trends that may affect demand, market penetration and sales revenues
  • Investigate the primary market area’s direct operating costs and revenue streams
  • Investigate the primary market area with an eye on the end-user's expectations
  • Develop a sustainable market niche that places the client at a distinct advantage

BBT follows a specific assessment matrix that covers the underwriting requirements specifically needed for financing any commercial real estate development. Full-scope market feasibility studies for a project are needed when seeking investment from:

  • An unidentified third party
  • The federal government or via a federally-insured loan
  • A third party on a non-recourse basis
  • A third party with which a pre-existing track record exists, but which does NOT provide a personal guarantee on the financing

However, a demand analysis report rather than a full-scope market feasibility study is needed when seeking investment from a third party with which a pre-existing track record exists, and which provides a personal guarantee on the financing.

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