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Property Acquisition

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As a land acquisition consultant, Binswanger Brooker (Thailand) (BBT) provides technical assistance to local and international clients seeking investment and development opportunities in Thailand.

BBT’s wide range of comprehensive land acquisition services include:

  • Negotiating and structuring innovative and cost-effective transactions
  • Arranging and managing the due diligence process, including appraisals, site assessments and title and land survey work
  • Assisting in obtaining suitable financing or arranging joint ventures

BBT’s property acquisition team:

  • Moves at a comfortable speed 
  • Negotiates and acquires land for investment, development and industrial uses 
  • Ensures the lowest possible purchase price 
  • Benefits from bargain sales through an extensive network and expert negotiators 
  • Creates mutually beneficial joint ventures using BBT’s vast experience 
  • Assists in seeking financing using BBT’s extensive lending network 
  • Assembles multiple parcels to form large tracts.

BBT’s expert team has acquired properties ranging from small lots to hundreds of acres with price tags spanning millions to billions of baht. The firm has experience in central business district developments, industrial land and facilities purchases, joint ventures, long-term investment opportunities and parcel-by-parcel assemblages to create large tracts.

Under special circumstances, BBT can work with local officials, community groups and landowners to develop strategies to acquire and/or compile specific parcels of land.